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The Consultant's Best Business System

Project time has been around for 20 years and right now a restructuring and modernization of the entire system is underway, as the system is performing so well in competition in the market. The major competitors systems are simply poor and too complicated to use, from the user's perspective.
Leaving aside time is the most important thing for a consultant! It must be simple, logical and quick to deliver. It is time a consultant lives by, and the time report should enter the system in the simplest possible way!

Project time should work just as well regardless of screen size. You should be able to do everything even on your mobile phone, as well as from a desktop computer or a laptop.

Of course, project time is also a customer and project management, since billable time is always linked to a customer and an project. Project time also handles invoicing. Projecttime can now send electronic invoices, according to the new european standard PEPPOL BIZ.

All transactions such as outgoing invoices and paid invoices can be delivered as an accounting order directly from the program. Whether you do the book keeping yourself or rent the service, it will be so much easier to just import these transactions.

Since new Project time is now ready, we let in new users. To convince us we offer 90 days free trial run. Welcome...

The consultant's best business system

Projecttime is manage by PT Works AB