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More about ProjectTime

ProjectTime is a business system for the consultant, small or medium-sized. With ProjectTime you get fantastic control of your hours, projects and your invoicing. A superb overview of non-invoiced hours, external accounts receivable and paid invoices.

Your Clients

The Clients is central to ProjectTime, of course. Your client gives you tasks that generate time which turnes into your income. All of the customer's assignments, invoices and notes are stored as a history in your Client card.

The Tasks

The tasks gathers under each customer as an task history. As long as an task is active, you can register time to it. Invoicing a task is done either when it has been fulfilled or alternatively by part invoicing.

Expenses are also handled in tasks, such as purchases for the customer or personal expenses through cash, mileage or the allowance.

The Time

Time is gold, for a consultant. That is why we exists and it is the very foundation of a consultant's working life. Every hour to be charged have to be kept in order and this is what ProjectTime do very simple, logical, quick and safe. All hours are gathered under each task and a quick note to each reported time reported is recomended. The note sometimes proves to be a good practice - if timereporting needs to be defended!

The Invoice

Invoicing is, of course, an very important chapter, and over the years ProjectTime has honed its ability to create and manage invoices. You create an invoice in three different ways. Either an task is fulfilled and an invoice basis is created and waiting to become an invoice. Alternatively, an long time task, can be is sub-invoiced. The third way is to create the invoice manually and freely.

The format of the invoice is PDF which is either printed and mailed as in the past, or mailed directly from the system. But Projecttime also managing electronic invoicing by the new Europeean standard PEPPOL BIZ which will grow fast in popularity. In Sweden the  state, municipality and county councils / county councils  by law only accepts electronic invoices since 2019!


ProjectTime creates a posting order for accounts receivable and paid invoices after each calendar month. This accounting order is imported into the bookkeeping program and makes this part of the accounting very simple. A report page can be printed and attached as a journal note. If an external accounting consultant handles your bookkeeping, the accounting report can be mailed directly to the accounting consultant from the system.


Project time handles all employees in your consulting business. All employees have their own login and report their time individually.
As an employee, you are aware of all your time done and ProjectTime manages the flex time account for the employee and of course personal expenses. Salary reports are created in the system and these can be printed or sent to outside consultants who assist your business with salary payments.

Accounts receivable / inflow cash

What makes ProjectTime a effective business system for the small and medium-sized consultant is the control you constantly have of customer feedings and inflows of cash, as well as the worked-up but not yet invoiced hours. This provides a security and control that is very difficult to have with other ways of running your business.

Customer feed reports provide a clear and powerful picture of how the business is going, while also being a way to easily export accounting orders for efficient bookkeeping.

Web Application and Mobile App

Project time works best on your computer or tablet, like a web application in a browser, but also works great as an App in a mobile. Get your iOS or Android App...

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Projecttime is manage by PT Works AB